A universe of goodness and love.

We are used to the fact that an exhibition is usually a large accumulation of works. In my opinion, especially concerning the work of Olga Muravina, the appearance of each new work is a separate significant event. This is exactly what happened. There are 3 landscape sculptures at the exhibition; «Rabbit», «Rhinoceros» and «Baby». «Rabbit” can be seen earlier, in Cube Moscow, and in Skolkovo, and «Baby» at the exhibition on Kuznetsky most, in Crocus city hall, but «Rhinoceros» is the premiere.

You may notice that usually rhinoceroses are depicted with shell and horn as their main attribute, but all of Olga’s works are devoted to openness, defenselessness and fragility. That is why the «Rhinoceros» is depicted as a baby, with thin skin and yet without a horn. And it is very symbolic.

Generally, the creation of sculptures, especially of this size, requires a lot of effort, time, and resources. That’s why it’s really an event. The process lasts sometimes several months, starting with an idea, sketches, searching for the right form and expressiveness, searching for recognition of the image. Then the enlargement to the optimal landscape size. All this is a series of complex and responsible artistic and technological decisions. And finally, there is a new long-awaited work of art, which evokes a lot of feelings and emotions. Of course first of all it is an existential story of the author, his little lived life and gaining valuable experience. But in the case of Olga’s works it is also a certain social mission. It is not declared by the author himself, but rather intuitive, but it has a clear and countable vector. It is an appeal to the inner child living or sleeping in everyone. It is forgotten, lonely, invisible and suddenly it hears this appeal, wakes up, smiles, is filled with life and meaning again. That is why her works do not leave anyone indifferent and that is the main value of her work.

Well, finally, I invite everyone to visit the exhibition, delight your inner child, rejuvenate your soul and get in touch with the universe of love and goodness and its inhabitants.

Вселенная любви и добра — АНО ЦССД «Метаобъект» (meta-object.com)