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-A few words about the author

A person is what he gives to the world. No one will say more about Olga Muravina than her own works. Charming and cheerful in life, she charges her positive, life-affirming energy to everything and everyone around her. The strength and charisma of her character protects her subtle world of sensuality and tenderness, which finds an outlet in her creative works. The flow of feelings, love and experiences is mixed with the painstaking analytical work of a master of her craft. When she started sculpting at the age of three, she never doubted for a moment that she was a sculptor. Having undergone serious professional training, first in a sculpture studio, then at the Moscow Academic Art Lyceum and at the Moscow State Academic Art Institute named after Surikov, she became a professional.  She continues to learn every day from the world around her. Her keen sense of form, immense world of images and profound humanitarian mission determine her visibility and significance in the global artistic process.

– Peculiarities of plastic language

The expressiveness of Olga Muravina’s works is achieved exclusively through sculptural methods. She has developed her own unique plastic language, which incorporates many sculptural qualities. Always taut, dense overall form is complemented by subtle and reverent detailing. Lightness and expressiveness of plasticity coexist with precision and clarity. Olga’s sculptures are a work of form in space, in which every detail, every nuance is subordinated to the overall task. Olga Muravina’s work is very sincere and uncompromising, there is no desire to please, no false effects or artistry. She does only what she feels and is fully absorbed in this process for several lifetimes to come.

-Olga Muravina’s Images

Olga Muravina is known to the public for her completely animated sculptures.

Children and animals – these two main themes are almost indistinguishable by their primordiality and purity. Funny and touching, sometimes a little clumsy, they are free from questions of identity. Animals are humanized, people are primitive. They all seem to be united by some kind of global knowledge, which can only be comprehended on the level of the senses. Putting aside unnecessary words and fuss, perhaps we can feel the same connection between all of us.

Olga Muravina’s works complement each other, as parts of a single collection of images that the author collects. It looks like she is going to create her own alternative model of the world, where unconditional mutual understanding and reconciliation rule.

Behind the external pictorial and plot simplicity lies a deep philosophical and psychological context. The philosophy of noninvolvement, non-action, contemplation and humility. Olga Muravina’s characters are authentic and transcendent, they are mediums immersed in a state of trance. They are all united by a slight autism and unintentional asociality.

The main idea of Olga Muravina’s work is the desire to escape from the artificial stereotypical world into a world of sincere and real feelings, where the human soul and the animal soul are identical in their ability to feel and experience.

Sergey Sobolev, a member of the Moscow Union of Artists and the Association of Moscow Sculptors,

head of the project Ars Forma